The Driving Force Behind Friends
Clare O'Dea, Chairperson

Clare O'Dea,

Clare has been an active member of the Friends since 2008, and is its current Chairperson since 2009. Clare is an Assistant Director of Nursing. She has been an employee of the HSE since 1988, and has been based in the Midlands Regional Hospital, Tullamore since 2005. As Chairperson, Clare uses her knowledge of acute hospital care and medical technology to identify the gaps in hospital care where the Friends can step in and offer assistance.

  Roy Lane0

Roy Lane,
Vice Chairperson

Roy is a retired Matron of Tullamore General Hospital. He is a member of the Friends since 1981 and has held the positions of Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer in that time. He brings a wealth of experience of acute hospital care. His current role includes Public Relations.

Bernie Mann

Bernie Mann,

Bernie is Patient Services Manager in the hospital, and has been en employee with the HSE since 1977. Bernie has been committed to the Friends since 1986. She ensures strong communication between members of the Friends and the general public. She prides herself and her colleagues on the positive profile the Friends have been portrayed in during the years.

  Eileen Dunne

Eileen Dunne,
Facebook Administrator

Eileen brings new enthusiasm since joining in 2011. She has brought fresh thinking and innovation in how to fundraise and raise awareness in the modern technological age.  Eileen's passion to the Friends has seen her volunteer weekly on the Childrens Ward, enriching the lives of children that stay in need of medical care.