Healing Garden

Opened in 2009 through the efforts of Friends of the Hospital, Tullamore. The garden includes a variety of healing plants such as lavender and thyme. There are plants such as cane that adds to the aural experience  to the senses. The Garden also includes 12 marble dove statuettes nested in healing. This Carrara Marble was sourced from the same quarry that was used for the famous Michaelangelo statue in Rome. It was kindly donated by Fr. Jim Cogley and the scultpres are the work of Wexford sculptor Ciaran O’Brien. The theme of our statuettes is “Slow Release of Doves” to symbolise the care received by the healing hands in our hospital.

Currently the Friends are in the process of commencing a project to construct a heated gazebo for use in all weather. This is being carried out in partnership with Wheatfield Prison.

Donations are the only way this project has been carried out. We would appreciate your kind support.

Photos of our Healing Garden

20140516_113553.jpg 20140516_113708.jpg 20140516_113735.jpg